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National Ski Patrol

Eastern Division

Fall 2011 Seminar of
Avalanche, Mountain Travel & Rescue, and Nordic Instructors

Northfield, Massachusetts

September 16 – 18, 2011


Those not staying at the event campsite may find accommodations in the area.

All phone numbers are in the 413 area code.

Distances from Northfield Mountain are given in parentheses.

From the North on I-91

Fox Inn (9.5 mi.), Rt. 10, Bernardston. At Exit 28 from I-91. 413-648-9131. No dining facilities. AE, V, MC.

Windmill Motel (7.4 mi.), Route 10, Bernardston, 2.3 mi from Exit 28 of I-91. 413-648-9152. Breakfast available. Pets allowed. Check, AE, MC, V.

From the South on I-91 and the West on Route 2

Greenfield Inn, 125 Mohawk Trail, Rt. 2 east at Exit 26 of I-91 (888-244-2211; 413-774-2211). Children under 18 free with parents. Full-service restaurant. No pets. AD, DC, DIS, MC, V.

Hampton Inn and Suites, 184 Shelburne Road, 413-773-0057. Located just off Exit 26 of I-91. 68 rooms, full breakfast included, high speed internet access, no pets. AE, MC, V, D, DC.

Super 8 Motel of Greenfield, 21 Colrain Rd., off Rt. 2 west at Exit 26 of I-91 (413-774-5578; 800-800-8000). Continental breakfast included. AE, DC, DIS, MC, V.

Closest to Northfield Mountain

French King Motel (2.8 mi.), Route 2, Erving. 413-423-3328.

For local information, contact Bill Schweikert at 413-498-5742 or wwschweik@yahoo.com

For information about program content, contact Jonthan Shefftz at NSPAMN@gmail.com