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Fall 2011 Seminar of
Avalanche, Mountain Travel & Rescue, and Nordic Instructors

Northfield, Massachusetts

September 16 – 18, 2011


Important! All campers must read and follow these rules:

The locked gate at the entrance to the campground must remain closed and locked at all times during the weekend except when NSP event participants are entering or departing the campground. Northfield Mountain will provide a combination lock and combination for this purpose. Individuals not associated with your event are not permitted motor vehicle access beyond this point.

    Rationale: The campground is a convenient location for undesirable activities due to its proximity to Route 2, Turners Falls, and Greenfield. The key to preventing many of the off-season problems is keeping unauthorized vehicles out. Our management practices have been successful at preventing underage drinking parties from developing at Barton Cove in the past few years and we have avoided having employees called away from other duties to release hikers whose cars are locked in.

Camping is limited to the group site.

    Rationale: It has been evident in the past that NSP members have camped on sites other than the group site, requiring additional inspection and clean up time. The campground is "closed" because we do not have the staff to perform campsite clean up throughout the property each weekend.

Participants must police the area with a "leave only footprints, take only pictures" philosophy. Trash barrels are provided onsite for this purpose and will be emptied by Northfield Mountain staff after your group's departure. Items too large for the barrels and hazardous waste containers whether full or empty (ex. Propane cylinders) should be removed from our property by the user.

    Rationale: Staff has had to remove unwanted plastic tarps, broken chairs, and a large pile of collected deadwood from the site after the NSP's departure. Piles of collected wood at a campsite can be a convenience for the next camper but are also an attraction for spontaneous parties.

Please read the campground Rules & Regulations. Important if we want to return.

Campsite Map

Click the image above for a large, printable map of Barton Cove campgrounds.

The Campsite

The Barton Cove campground is situated on a mile-long peninsula almost surrounded by the Connecticut River. Campsites are wooded and sit high and dry above and near the river. The Cove is located off Route 2 about halfway between Interstate 91 and the Northfield Mountain meeting site. Visit the campground website.

    The group campsite has large picnic tables, hibachis, a fire pit, and pit toilets. You will park your vehicle a short walk from your tent.

There will be no running water at the campground. Bathroom facilities and water (but no showers) are available at Northfield Mountain.

Although the public camping season at Barton Cove ends with the Labor Day weekend, management of Northfield Mountain has generously opened the facility to our sole use without charge.

There is no daytime security patrol. Do not leave equipment unattended while away from camp. You may wish to take down and store tents and other gear in your vehicle.

Groceries & Supplies


The campground office will be closed, so bring your own food, ice, charcoal, and firewood. You’ll find a supermarket and a convenience store in Turners Falls, about 2 miles from the campground entrance. Ongoing construction on the Gill-Montague bridge may make complicate access to Turners Falls.

Directions to Campgrounds

From I-91

The campground is 4 miles from I-91 and Greenfield. Take Exit 27 from I-91 (a lefthand exit if southbound!) and continue on Route 2 East through two traffic lights. After the second light, pass “PUBLIC BOAT RAMP” and “BARTON COVE RECREATION AREA” signs on your right. Just after a green “BARTON COVE” sign, turn right (3.9 mi) at a sign reading, “Barton Cove, First Light Hydro Generating Company” which is above the “Schuetzen Verein” sign opposite Chappell’s Auto Sales, a white building. Drive 0.3 miles, through a parking lot and on to a “CAMPING” sign pointing to the right at 0.45 miles from the highway. Turn right.

From Northfield Mountain

Return to Route 63 in front of the mountain and turn left. In almost 2 miles, pass Erving Elementary School and Weatherhead Storage on the right. Just past a sign, “TO 2 WEST&rdquo, turn right into Semb Drive. Turn right at the stop sign onto Route 2 West and follow directions for “From Route 2 East” (following).

From Route 2 East

Follow Route 2 westbound through Erving. Cross the French King Bridge over the Connecticut River. 2.7 miles later, pass American Modular Homes on your right. Brake and put on your left turn signal. In about 100 yards, opposite Chappell’s Auto Sales, turn left sharply (135° turn) into entrance marked “Barton Cove, First Light Hydro Generating Company” Drive 0.3 mi. through a parking lot and continue to a “CAMPING” sign pointing to the right at 0.45 mi from the highway. Turn right.

To Northfield Mountain

Return to Route 2 and turn right (East). Cross the French King Bridge (2.4 mi.). At 3.3 miles turn left before the Entertainment Center onto Semb Drive. Drive one long block and make a left at the stop sign onto Moore Street (Route 63 North). 2.0 miles later, turn right at the “Northfield Mountain” sign and proceed to Visitor Parking.

Mapping Software and GPS Coordinates

Use 120 French King Highway, Gill, MA as the address with mapping software. The campground may not show on digital maps and does not appear on USGS topos. The GPS coordinates for the campground entrance are N42.60765, W072.53269.

Route 2 in this area is also known as the “Mohawk Trail.” Near the Barton Cove campsite, Route 2 is called the “French King Highway.”

For local information, contact Bill Schweikert at 413-498-5742 or wwschweik@yahoo.com

For information about program content, contact Jonthan Shefftz at NSPAMN@gmail.com